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Sharing Insights


We are amazing in analysis. Excellent analysis creates insight. And insight is paramount for developing new ideas, solving problems and managing a business.

We build our insights upon own research & experience and on those of many great people before and around us. To speak in the spirit of Sir Isaac Newton: Standing on the shoulders of giants we can see further than the giants

We are more than happy to share our view and experience with you. And we would simply love to stand on your shoulders and share what's behind your horizon.


Insight creates clarity and clarity paves the way for inspiration and innovation.

We are experts in innovation. There is something enigmatic about it, yet in reality it is surprisingly simple and much closer to you than you might think.

There are many distinct forms of innovation, ranging from product innovation to process innovation. We can help you discover them all, and more importantly, help to use them all.

Let us inspire you to start innovating today!

Finding Inspiration

Helping Choosing


Insight and inspiration create choice and new horizons. Choosing the right path to get there is up to you. However, we can help you choose by structuring & verifying information, and simplifying concepts & processes.

We realize that focus creates change, and that change can meet limited resources. We also realize that insights on which your choice is based upon, will mature and change over time, as will the world we live in.

As realists, we offer you an evolutionary path, aligned with your possibilities and willingness to change, and with the biggest punch for the bucks.


We can offer strategic, tactical and operational support on all business levels, ranging from consultancy, through creating & managing development programs, to full cloud based turn key solutions.

Our rich network of partners provides us an equally rich palette of additional experts and services to choose from.

You ask, we deliver.

Supplying Support



  • Consultancy
  • Quickscan
  • Audit
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Research
  • Scientific Research
  • Education


  • Innovation
  • Business Modeling
  • Strategy Development
  • Network Development
  • Service Development
  • Program Development
  • Curriculum Development


  • Change Management
  • HRD Support
  • Service Selection
  • Process Simplification
  • Process Automation
  • Systems Integration
  • Custom Solutions


  • Information Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • CRM / ERP
  • eLearning
  • eConferencing
  • eHRM
  • eCooperation

IT is not about Technology,
but about New Possibilities

About us

We are a dynamic network of creative, skilled, inspired innovators, dedicated to the success of each of our clients. We're not just an IT firm. We're not just a business consultancy firm. We're not just a research office. We're not just doers. We're not just thinkers. We're not just educators. Yet we are all of these. It is the blend that makes us stand out.

Our vision

Even in todays IT rich, internationalized and formalized world, there is supprisingly little understanding about how IT transforms both society, and the way people work, learn & live.

IT is not about technology. IT is about new possibilities, the evolving organization of information & knowledge, about process simplification, communication and automation. In short, it is about the understanding and harnassing the transformational effects of IT for the benefit of your business, you and mankind.

We help governments, businesses, and people to understand & use the full transformative power of IT and help them to reach their Next Level ®.

Our experience

What makes effective IT? Creativity, experience and insight. We have lots of creativity and more than two decades of experience and growing insights. We are intimately familiar with the trends, science and technology of IT & society, their interaction and the practical needs of people working, learning & living.

Don't believe it? Dare us!

Pieter J. Kersten, Founder

Most people possess more innovative power than they think. We help them to discover it, unleash it, organize it and then transform it into tangible outcomes.

Pieter J. Kersten MMIT - founder

We live, work and learn in Zwolle, Netherlands

Although our teams location is volatile

EduSense B.V.
Roolvinkstraat 22
8015 AM Zwolle


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