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Use our insights and guidance to create and execute an IT strategy to favor organization, staff and students alike.

The Big Picture

Transformative IT is strategic by nature. It is firmly anchored by your own mission, vision and long-term goals.

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Combining Business and IT Strategy

Truly powerful transformations are achieved by combining traditional business strategy with IT strategy. What are your ambitions, and how could you best achieve them? This approach enables you to challenge your current organization and its practices, merging both worlds seamlessly.

Aligning IT with your Business Strategy

When your business strategy is firmly established, creating an aligned IT strategy enables you to optimise your organisation, address IT-related threats and weaknesses, and to identify potential business opportunities.

Starting from Scratch

In the absence of an existing business strategy, establishing direction and focus though a cohesive strategy enables you to surpass yourself and to exceed the expectations of your customers.

Our Building Blocks

When you allow us to help you, this is what we can do.

Mission, Vision & Strategy

(Re)discovering who you are, aiming for what you want to achieve, and continually re-exploring how to achieve it, lays the foundation for your success. By anticipating and embedding IT-driven adaptability into your strategic planning, you not only enhance situational awareness and organizational self-awareness, but also establish a critical mechanism for flexibility and innovation. This guarantees that your organization remains agile and responsive to the ever-changing landscape.

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Monitoring, Management & Quality Assurance

Creating realistic and measurable goals grounded in strategic objectives ensures that metrics are directly aligned with your organization's ambitions. This eliminates irrelevant metrics and clarifies your dashboard. Well-aligned IT can replace the need for manual entry with non-intrusive data collection, which also opens the door to better insights through advanced data analysis. Effectively leveraging IT bolsters your organization's decision-making capabilities, paving the way for informed strategies and operational excellence.

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Innovation & Development

Constant exploration, reflection, and improvement propel you ahead of the competition. A staggering 85% of innovation originates from effectively organizing and harnessing your people's insights. By leveraging IT, you can create a conducive environment for innovation where ideas are freely shared, evaluated, and developed and translate into actionable programs. This ensures that your organization remains at the forefront of change.

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People, Competences and Processes

Knowing and harnessing your team's talents and ambitions is key to driving success. Transformative IT can enhance this by integrating competency validation and training into your workflows, promoting both personal and organizational growth. It can foster synergy between human skills, process efficiency, and automation, boosting productivity and innovation. Strategic aligned IT not only streamlines, but also reveals development opportunities, keeping your organization up-to-date and forward-thinking.

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Healthy Working Climate

Strategic IT can contribute to a safer workplace and reduced work stress by introducing mechanisms for clear objectives, straightforward feedback and open communication. Well-supported and automated process flows combined with flexible workplace solutions elevate this further. The introduction of accessible online knowledge resources and workload management tools can foster a balanced and supportive environment, further reducing organizational stress. Supporting self-management and self-learning, preventing data overload and demand for non-productive actions, keeps both your employees and your organization agile and resilient.

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Expanding Digital Strategy

A comprehensive digital strategy goes far beyond marketing and customer engagement. It empowers seamless collaboration with partners, ensures real-time visibility and boosts operational efficiency, streamlining the entire value chain. By weaving IT planning throughout your operations, every facet, from marketing to supply chain management, is elevated. This approach doesn't just optimize – it transforms your organizational model, fostering growth, efficiency, and resilience.

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What is Transformative IT?

Transformative IT is any form of information technology and/or applied information science that changes the way you or your clients do business. The only way to truly leverage IT's full potential is when you allow it to participate at the strategic level.

Why IT at the strategic level?

If you decide on IT on the tactical or operational level, IT will be demand driven. Even if executed flawlessly, you end up with what you had in mind. If you allow IT to participate on the strategic level, IT can be supply and innovation driven. That may fundamentally transform the type of organization you thought you needed. For the better. Strategic IT not only optimises existing processes, it opens up opportunities for new business models, business forms, products and services, and new markets.

We already have a running organization. Must we backtrack?

Certainly not! Transformative IT can help to optimise and even transform existing organisations as well. You only have to dare to second guess enshrined descisions. We will help you find them.

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Won't this cost us a fortune?

No, at least not nesessarily. Experience tells us that your benefits will greatly outrun the costs. Getting aligned can generate a lot of work. Staying aligned is a lot simpler. We offer modular solutions and work subscription based. You only pay for what you use.

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Why should we consider EduSense?

EduSense is a truly independent partner. Advice and guidance are our business. Both are grounded in a deep understanding of your company and business, and our own expertise in the IT-domain, organizational science, change management, business administration and education. We don't do 'hit and run'. Our success depends on your success. We stand by your side.

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